Join me, Karen Stultz, founder of the Conscious Prosperity Institute, for a 3-day Workshop and Retreat of Self-Discovery and Purpose following the proven system for more Prosperity, Joy, and Freedom.

And are you ready to have the trip and adventure of a lifetime… discovering of yourself in an amazing city with a phenomenal circle of women?

If so, then join me for 3-days in September 2016 in beautiful Bamberg, Germany – “The Rome of Franconia” built on 7 hills.

Let you fears out and your amazing ideas in!
Relax and enjoy the sunsets while discovering a “you” just longing to come out!

Are you feeling restless? Have you got a list of things to do, but you’d rather put your energy into something different? Something more worthwhile?

You might be wondering what is that you want to put your energy into. You may be fed up or bored, hating your routine and longing for something else. Or maybe you’re feeling that you have a comfy existence, but what you are doing is not fulfilling and time is passing by.

But when it comes down to it… Are you thinking about making changes in your life, wondering if you’ll be any good at something new, but worried about what other people will think?

This trip’s for the…

  • Seeker
  • The one craves a clarity of her purpose, or answers to her toughest questions…
  • The Distracted, Overwhelmed, or the Stressed Out
  • The one who knows there is more to living, but does not know how to make it happen…

We will spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning shifting the mindset, and knocking down the wall, of fear and indecision so you can move forward with Clarity, Courage and Confidence! Lose yourself in a tangle of charming roman and medieval streets…while experiencing life like you never have before.

Bamberg has been a center of imperial and episcopal power for almost a thousand years, and often referred to as the Rome of Franconia, Bamberg stands on seven hills surrounded by beautiful countryside. Dominated by its imperial cathedral, the town is a unique and superbly maintained masterpiece of urban design, uniting medieval and baroque architecture.

Bamberg’s well-preserved old town comprises three historical districts – the episcopal town, the island town and the market gardener’s town. All three are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and provide a fascinating example of how central European towns were built up around the basic layouts established in the early Middle Ages. Bamberg was given special status as far back as 1007. But there’s more!

During this exciting 3-day workshop journey you’ll discover how to:

  • Attract the Prosperity, Joy and Freedom that is Your Birthright.
  • Take charge of your life again in a way that is bold and exciting.
  • Feel more energy and passion as you move forward in a way that excites you.
  • Develop extreme self-care habits so you feel pampered and renewed.
  • Remove the mental and emotional blocks that hold you back.
  • Ditch the drama forever and experience true peace and balance.

This 3-day workshop is for a select few who are ready and willing to enjoy life on their terms! We will have the mindset, and conscious transformation taking place from 9:00 am-3:00 pm on Thurs and Friday…with a special gathering from 9:00 to Noon on Sat.

This leaves you with lots of time to explore…you may want to extend you trip to Europe, by joining a guided tour, by boat or bus before or after the 3-day workshop. Talk to your travel agent to find the perfect addition for the new freedom you find, by shifting your mindset.

This Conscious Mindset Retreat investment covers ONLY the workshop and materials…
All Travel, Transfers, Food, and Accommodations are your choice,
and are NOT included in the “Conscious Mindset Retreat”

Early Bird Investment (Until July 15, 2016):


Program Investment (after July 15, 2016):


A NON-Refundable Deposit of $120.00 is required to hold your space.
(If the minimum number of participants are not met, you will be refunded your full deposit.)