An Exclusive Offer for You If You Are Ready to Own Your Value, Step Into Your Awesome Power and
Create The Life You So Richly Deserve!

This Is How Awesome Life Unlimited 30 Min Mentoring Works:


  • enjoyed the Awesomeness on the other side…this Oppwomen moviWe’ll get you started with a Roadmap Awesome Discovery Session to create a crystal clear vision of your own “Big Why”, so we’ll know what you want to accomplish and how to get you there.
  • We focus on the First step, until it meet your reality, and then move to the next step, and the next, until they are part of your being.
  • You’ll receive unlimited laser coaching and mentoring sessions with me for 6 months.
  • On each session, we’ll work on your dreams and desire. specifically as it applies to the results you want to achieve
  • If necessary we will release any blocks that may be keeping you stuck.
  • We’ll agree on your next inspired action step as your homework.
  • Once you’ve completed the homework, you can set up another 15 min. mentoring session, even if it is the same day.
  • You’ll also receive unlimited email support from me between sessions to keep you moving forward!
  • On our first call together, you can tell for yourself if this is right for you.If you feel it isn’t, no worries. I’ll refund your money immediately.


Awesome Life Unlimited Mentoring is for women who are tired of not reaching their mark, , who are just getting by, or just want to “feel Good” wanting to make the next stage of life their Best Life, with Focus, Fun and Freedom – If you are ready to have your own private, on call mentor, who has “Been There, Done That, and Bought the Tee Shirt” and has moved forward to enjoy an Awesome Life,  whether you have an existing business or are just starting out.

You’re ready to transform your business into one that generates massive streams of income with less time and effort. You’re ready to experience new levels of fulfillment, impact and success in your business!

The Possibilities are endless, wouldn’t it be great to know, with clarity, what possibilities are really right for you?


“Karen amazes me because she is so strong in both energy and practical knowledge.

She moved me into defined action for shifting some of my goals, after clarifying what I really wanted.

Karen is very approachable, and easy to work with and trust with personal Information. Her knowledge and joyfulness made it easy to stay inspired

This is the most cost effective way that you can experience the awesomeness of her!” ~Maryann Michaels

Let Me Help You…

  • Get clear on your priorities and inspired action steps for fast results

  • Have more energy

  • Identify and attract your ideal clients

  • Lay out a life plan aligned with your Soul and values

  • Master your mindset for ultimate success

  • What else would you like to achieve over the next 6 months?

It’s up to YOU! Let’s do it!

Here’s My Commitment To You

At the heart of everything I offer – every program, product or system –
there is one primary Intention:

And that is to give you what you need to trust in yourself. Be your own true Life Architect. Create a vision that serves you and let that vision lead and support you in every aspect of your life and your business along with the proven practical business strategies, techniques and systems that are in alignment with you and your Life

So this money Back Guarantee is as follows:

If after our 30 min. Rapid Clarity Results call;
You or I, do not feel this amazing offer is a good fit for you,
you will receive a full refund after our call.