Hi, I am Karen Stultz CHt, CIWC CMC. I’m a Six Figure Money Mindset Mentor for coaches and solopreneurs. And I Love to Enjoy Life!
My clients hire me to breakthrough limiting beliefs Systems (AKA “BS”) to achieve their lifestyle business goals, to create more Focus, Fun and Financial Prosperity.

 I’m a Mentor for Coaches, want to be  coaches, and  solopreneurs  who have internal blocks  around growing       their  business. My superpower is DIGGING DEEP to find the root cause of why they’re struggling. And then,   with their permission, simply removing the core issue that is keeping them from achieving their goals and   their dreams. So they can charge their value, and feel great, Have a business foundation built on stone, so it     continues to serve them with ease through the years, have awesome relationships, and FUN

I get a huge kick out of seeing my clients have a 180 degree turnaround – from looking to the outside world   for the solution to their financial struggles to looking within themselves shifting their Mindset and finding the  solution

And then they enjoy more confidence, focus, fun and financial freedom in their relationships and every aspect of their lives. Of course, often that is a bigger outcome, than they originally signed up for.. (And, so far, they aren’t complaining) LOL.

If you are a coach or are thinking about becoming one, I’d love for you to have that, too

I know you’re  busy with work, and may be saying to yourself, I don’t  have time to look inside, all the money and relationships come from the outside, anyway. The fact is, we are mirrors, and what we see and experience in our work and life, is also what we put out there.

I also get it, you don’t feel you can take any additional time for a lot of homework.  All the Awesome Money Mindset Shifts, happen during our session, the only outside homework is to be Aware and Allow the positive changes to happen.


And you make the changes deep within your subconscious, so you don’t have to use will power or effort to keep the changes in place – they’re permanent.

Here’s what Michelle has to say after working with me:
“Your “coach in your pocket” has been essential to reaching my goals, just knowing back pocket is a life saver for me! You have opened my eyes and my income, so I have been able to pay off all my debt, and letting go of my negative, unhelpful emotions, was key.
I’m so grateful to have found you…Thank you!”
~Michelle O, Washington DC


And Scott, “I loved working with you, Karen. The work that we did together was the most transformational of any work that I have done with anybody – ever. I didn’t know where to turn for help, and there you showed up in My world! It went way beyond mere energy work and concepts, and answered the toughest question I have run across to date – how do I change my limiting beliefs?

The change that you facilitated is at such a deep level, and affected the real ‘me’ that I am, and didn’t even know. With that kind of freedom, I now have a lot more Fun, and Focus of what is important, letting go of any negative energy…I didn’t believe that it was even possible. The HET work we did, literally changed my life…thank you Thank you Thank you,
~Scott B Maine


Why I started to Mentor people like you.

After working in the world of Finance, and Customer Service for 40 years, I left everything to care for my Aging Parents, so they could stay in there home, together.
I saw my Mom, who had been so positive, and able to always spin a story to her advantage, ending her life with Fear, Anger, and most of all Regret.

Mom had taught me to look at opportunities, and enjoy positivity, and be of service, where I could.  I was curious why other people were often fearful and saw a world of limitations. I have always know, Deep Down, that that there is always a solution, it may not always look like the one you imagined, but there is always a solution, to any problem.

I learned that what I saw was anger and regret, and what I really wanted was to feel AWESOME!

I knew I would have regret if I went back to a JOB, and I discovered coaching. It was Awesome, it helped keep my energy up, while caring full time for Mom and Dad.
I soon decided that, although coach was fast and effective, it was not as efficient as it could be for healing and bringing sustaining results quickly, so I continued to find faster, and more efficient ways to help my clients move ahead.
I became a “Master” in NLP, I received a degree in Hypnotherapy, and a practitioner in EFT. I discovered that YES, Essential Oils and Crystals, can also make a difference in improving life and business. This plus all the work I had done with Coaching allowed me to let go of the self-doubt, fearful, people pleaser in me and find my courage, confidence, and Freedom.

I became acquainted with, on the outside. what appeared to be a successful coach with an awesome lifestyle business. It looked like everything was really Awesome, her work, her life…then I discovered, she was frustrated because her business wasn’t growing the way she wanted it to.

She thought it was because she kept hiring the wrong team, when really it was something internal keeping her stuck.

Since then, from the many conversations I’ve had with successful, but stuck, solopreneurs, I’ve learned that one of the biggest reasons they’re struggling to grow is this:

They believe it’s something practical, something that’s going on out there in the world (virtual or in-house teams, systems, etc), when actually it’s an inside job, something in their head, the “BS”, aka “Belief Ssytems”, that are operating unconsciously.

Working with my clients on a one-to-one basis allows me to go deep and help them breakthrough their hidden blocks so they can build a deeply satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle business.

   My favorite things (in this order): My home and family – being with my husband of over 50 years,       communicating regularly with my sone in England, and my Daughter in Italy, while I can work from my       wonderful home office, in the middle of 30 acres in rural Maine

My friends – I’m grateful to have met so many wonderful and supportive friends, in so many walks of life,   all   around the world.

My Essential Oils- no matter what may arise, I”I have an oil that can help with that” my go too Oil is “InTune” for keeping focus

Reading- my favorite reading are Mysteries, who done it’s allow me to keep my mind active and curios, as I always get informatio

n I never knew about before, so I can research new ways of living and doing things.

A Good Glass of Wine- At the end of the day, enjoying a glass of wine with my husband and or friends on the deck is Awesome…

How does it get better than this? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out!!!



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