“Who Am I?”, “Will anyone ever Love me for being Me?” “What am I supposed to do?”, “ How can I make a difference, why am I here?” These are questions that have been with me for as long as I can remember.

I always knew I was loved, by my parents, they provided a warm home, where I knew I was always welcome…but there was something missing…I didn’t have many friends, usually 1 friend at a time. I grew up basically in a household of adults, and I was the only kid.

I dreamed of having fun with people, without judgement, and to be welcomed into a group of kind, fun people my age.

There were times that I was welcomed. That desire to be part of the group was often short lived, because, kids could be very unkind to other kids, and I would instinctively try and share a different perspective, share a new way of seeing things, and support the person that was feeling badly.

I spent a lot of time wondering why I was different, and tried to become whatever others expected of me.

Well it worked, depending on the situation, I would be the person others wanted to be around, so I could feel loved and accepted…then came the realization, when my husband had a heart attack at age 36, I would have to become someone else…I had to start to find a way to support my family, if my husband was no longer able to. And I had to learn something new FAST!

I was blessed to find a job, with wonderful supportive and forgiving bosses J. During that time though, I really became critical of myself, more openly, and found myself judging others more harshly. I became very overwhelmed, trying to please everyone, and loosing myself!

At one point my husband said something is very wrong with you Karen, you need help…so I went to see a psychiatrist…He told me he could help me over a period of years.

Deep down I knew it would not have to take that long…there had to be a simpler, less deep soul searching, less dredging up the past.

There had to be ways to feel better relatively quickly, 10 weeks or less! I just knew it…so I set the intention to find ways to help myself, and in turn help others, let go, be confident, have freedom and prosperity.

A new York times article by Harriet Brown 3/25/2013 said: A large number of people with physical and/or mental health issues, that could be addressed in a straight forward fashion are getting therapies that have very little chance of being effective.

My clients are mentored, coached, and empowered to be “Free of Fear.”

When you are Free of Negative feelings, if you are free to control your mind, you can begin to create a world anyway you want. You can talk back your power and shin, in a beautiful giving way!

I have been trained and certified as a Life and Business Coach, Integrative Wellness Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, and Master NLP Master Trainer.

When I started to understand, and welcome, the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection, and used tools and techniques to release, (with Doctors approval) phobias, anger, anxiety, and other negative issues that most professionals trained in western medicine, claimed could not be released simply or easily, especially without pharmaceuticals…

But They Are!

Don’t get me wrong, I love medical Doctors, Western Medicine is very important, and I work closely with a number of Doctors.

Many times though there are other, simpler, often profound ways to relieve the physical and emotional triggers, completely, in as little as 3 months. Not Years!

I have discovered myself, and discovered that all that career testing I had when I was younger, was right!

They told me I should “Teach”, so after 58 years of pushing that idea away, and started opening and allowing the possibility to discovering there are other ways to teach besides being a traditional teacher…I am doing what I love and fills my soul.

This has helped me understand, not just the mind, body, spirit connection, but the inherent power and gifts hiding inside each of us…just waiting to shine, and live our purpose!

Bruce Lipton, PhD has proven scientifically, that what we have been taught through media, movies and the common cultural philosophy, that we are at the whim of certain elements, and unable to change them…is not accurate. He has shown that even our DNA can be changed, all without drugs.

I have taught groups and students every year, how to release and live, with full energy, prosperity and freedom.

Not only is there a scientific evidence of the mind body spirit connection, and that we are all energy, and energy affects our cellular network, and our reality, first and foremost!

When that energy is shifted, science has shown, that you can have freedom from your fear, the symptoms, and diseases…and take your life back.

I love helping my students and clients take back control of their lives and stand in their power, with more peace and purpose, in a simple and powerful ways.

Now I live with my wonderful husband of over 45 years, in a home that I love in the middle of 30 acres in Maine…enjoying a life/work balance.   

I would love to talk with you! I would like to invite you to set up a 15 min. virtual coffee, and learn what your dreams are. Click Here for a convenient time for us to connect.

Warm Hugs,

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