Case Studies

Karen Stultz changed my life, for the better…by a lot! I was on the verge of losing my job and my family due to my Anger issues. Due to a fall and Traumatic Brain Injury, the anger that had been inside for years was getting out of control. The Doctors had put me on drugs to help keep me calm, but they were affecting my ability to do my job…——- my doctor told me I would out of work for AT LEAST a year.

You helped me not only with anger issues but with my organizational abilities as these are the bread and butter of my Job.

A high school friend in Connecticut, had suggested I try EFT and gave me Karens name (Emotional Freedom Techniques). So I contacted Karen. I told her up front, that I did not believe this would work, was that a problem? Because I needed something to change!

Well she told me I did not have to believe, but I did have to do the work, and be aware of any changes that occurred.

Because of the severity of my issues, we booked 2 sessions in one week and one for the following week.

I followed her instructions, Did the work, and because of the severity of the issues, we both thought it could take 3 months or so to see radical results.

Well, by the 3rd week, the 4th visit, I was able to say, I am great I am calm, and enjoy helping people. My colleagues ask me what happened, You are so calm!

My doctors have seen such an improvement, I have been able to reduce and eliminate most of my medications, that created unwelcome side effects.

It has been over a year since our first meeting, thanks to Karen, I still have my job, friends and my wonderful wife. I have reduced my weight, and feel great…and when I want a “Tune up” Karen is always there for me.

Scott Brooke

Support Services Specialist, Togus USVA

A woman , we will call her “Ann”, came to me with a sever case of TMJ. She had been suffering with the teeth grinding for 2 years, her Doctor gave her sleeping pills that created difficulty in wakening for work, and getting her sons off to school. She was tired all the time, and she was afraid to go to sleep because she knew she would grind her teeth, and awaken with a very sore jaw and large dental bills.

“Ann” was given a mouth guard to ware at night by her dentist, that created different problems, including a sore jaw and waking because she couldn’t breath easily.

After being told by many doctors she would just have to live with it, and dentists telling her if it continued, in this way,  she would have to have her teeth pulled and wear false teeth.

She came to me as a last resort. After discussing the situation, we found that , she was very angry with her former husbands.

Using a variety of tools, including Hypnosis, EFT, and Essential Oils, as well a Coaching, in six weeks her TMJ was completely gone.

She was happier at work, she found a wonderful new boyfriend, her kids started helping more…her life had changed for the better.

It has been over 2 years and she is totally symptom free still.


Jean” came to me for coaching and building confidence in herself. She ia an amazing Marketer and Grant writer, but when it came to market herself at networking meetings, she was a wallflower.

After 3 sessions she we developed a system of exercises that she did each day to help her see her amazing abilities…this led to more confidence and ease when marketing herself.

She then signed up for the six month unlimited 15 min coaching/EFT package.

She came up to me at an event I was part of, and said…”Karen, I am still doing the EFT daily and I got the $50,000 I was tapping for!!!!” “ I am more comfortable in business situations, and have all the clients I want to have…and I didn’t have to give up anything!!


“Amy” had just been diagnosed with cancer and wanted help dealing with the diagnosis. She said after our last 2 sessions, her anxiety had been reduced to a level that allowed her to fly home to Texas for her sisters funeral. Now she wanted help bringing her fear and anxiety down, so her body could easily fight the cancer.

We had two sessions to help visualize and reduce the cancer cells. She is enjoying her new found positivity and creating a “Mind Body Spirit” connection, is feeling hopeful rather than panicked.

Now she is using the unlimited 15 minute package for “tune-ups”.