Unleash Awesome Abundance: Overcoming the Invisible Blocks to Focus Fun and Financial Freedom with the Awesome Life Success System

Unleash Awesome Abundance: Overcoming the Invisible Blocks to Focus Fun and Financial Freedom with the Awesome Life Success System

Do you often find yourself trapped in a cycle of stress, drama, and anxiety when it comes to money?
You’re not alone.

Many of us face this common challenge, which often stems from underlying issues that go unnoticed. I know I did for years…the invisible messages of “Lack AKA Not Enough,” “Self-Doubt,” and “Self-Worth” can create powerful blockages, hindering the flow of focus, fun, and financial freedom into our lives.

But fear not! Today, we will explore the transformative power of the Awesome Life Success system—a holistic approach to overcoming these invisible blocks and embracing abundance. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your life and embark on a journey towards financial freedom.

First it is important to have an understanding the “Core Problem”

The reason behind the stress, drama, and anxiety around money lies in the hidden messages we unknowingly send out to the universe. “Lack Energy” manifests when we constantly worry about not having enough, creating a scarcity mindset that keeps us stuck. “Self-Doubt” creeps in when we question our abilities to earn and manage money, undermining our confidence. And “Self-Worth” issues lead us to undervalue ourselves and settle for less than we deserve. These invisible messages act as powerful barriers, blocking the flow of focus, fun, and financial freedom into our lives.

The Awesome Life Success System

To overcome these invisible blocks, we turn to the Awesome Life Success system—an integrated approach that addresses all aspects of our lives. Let’s explore each area of the system and how it contributes to our journey towards financial freedom:

Awareness Allowing:
The first step is becoming aware of our hidden beliefs and thought patterns. By allowing ourselves to acknowledge and release these limiting beliefs, we create space for new possibilities and abundance to enter our lives. Often times it is a case of simply not knowing ourselves…what inspires us, what our values are, and what our belief systems are. (AKA “Our BS”)

This can be quickly accomplished with the “HET” tools for self-awareness and healing.

Wellness: Our physical and mental well-being play a crucial role in attracting financial freedom. Prioritizing self-care, exercise, and healthy habits nurtures our overall wellness, boosting our energy levels and mindset.

Prioritize Self-Awareness: Make self-awareness a non-negotiable part of your routine.

Notice I didn’t use the word Self-“Care?” Words matter, and the true definition of “Care” is “Watchful, protective attention, caution, concern, prudence, or regard toward a situation…it’s focusing on the things you don’t want, rather than what you do want.

Enjoy in activities that nourish your body, mind, and soul. This could include exercise, meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, or practicing mindfulness. By taking care of your well-being, you create a strong foundation for abundance and financial flow.

Infuse fun and enjoyment into your physical activities. Engage in exercises or sports that bring you joy and make you feel energized. Dance, play, or explore new forms of movement that bring a smile to your face. Remember, when you enjoy what you’re doing, you raise your vibration and open the channels for financial abundance. Notice the difference in your body, mind and soul…enjoy the way it makes you feel.

Environment (Mental and Physical): Creating an environment that supports our growth and success is essential. Surrounding ourselves with positive influences, decluttering our physical space, and cultivating a growth-oriented mindset all contribute to a flourishing financial journey.

Clear physical clutter from your surroundings, as it can contribute to mental clutter and block the flow of abundance. Create an organized and inspiring workspace that promotes focus and creativity. Consider applying minimalist principles to your living environment, allowing energy to flow freely.

Reduce or remove associations with individuals, or belief systems that are keeping you from opening the flow of a positive Work/Life Lifestyle. Reach out to potential new friends and support, and limit or remove associations with energies that make you feel less than, or cluttered.

Spirit: Nurturing our spiritual connection—whether through meditation, gratitude practices, or connecting with nature—deepens our sense of purpose, aligning us with the abundant flow of the universe.

Cultivate Gratitude: Practice gratitude daily by acknowledging the blessings in your life. Keep a gratitude journal or incorporate gratitude rituals into your daily routine. Appreciating the present moment and expressing gratitude for what you have opens your heart to receive more abundance.

Explore activities and pursuits that ignite your passion and bring you joy. When you align with your passions, you tap into a source of inspiration and energy that propels you forward. Follow your interests and incorporate them into your life/financial endeavors.

Organization: Embracing organizational tools and systems allows us to manage our finances, home, and business effectively. By tracking expenses, setting clear intentions, and creating systems, we gain clarity and control over our awesome life success journey.

Establish organized systems for managing your finances. Set up a budget that aligns with your financial goals and track your income and expenses diligently. Automate bill payments to ensure timely payments and avoid unnecessary stress. Being organized with your clients, desires and finances creates a sense of clarity and control, allowing abundance to flow smoothly.

Define specific financial goals and break them down into actionable steps. Regularly review your progress and adjust your actions accordingly. Celebrate each milestone along the way and use intention setting as a fun and inspiring tool to propel you forward.

Money: Shifting our relationship and mindset with money is vital. Viewing money as a tool for abundance, generosity, and positive impact helps us attract greater financial opportunities and opens the doors to financial freedom.

Explore and challenge your beliefs around money. Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones. Afformations such as “Why can Money flow to me easily and effortlessly?” or “Why I am enjoying abundant wealth?” can help reprogram your subconscious mind for financial success. Embrace a positive and abundant mindset towards money.

Develop a mindset of generosity and abundance by giving back to others. Support causes that resonate with you or find inspiration by engaging in acts of kindness. The act of giving without expectation creates a flow of positive energy, inviting more abundance into your life.

Enjoyment and Fun: Infusing joy and fun into our Awesome Life Success journey lightens the energy around Health, Wealth and Happiness. By embracing a playful mindset and celebrating our achievements, we create a positive vibration that attracts more abundance.

Take time to reflect on your beliefs around money. Write down in a journal any negative or limiting thoughts that come up and challenge them. Replace them with empowering affirmations that support abundance and financial freedom.

Cultivate a mindset of abundance by practicing gratitude daily. Focus on the abundance already present in your life and set intentions for attracting more financial opportunities. Visualize yourself living a life of financial freedom.

If you need some help in visualizing or being aware or allowing more awesome into your life, I invite you to schedule a no obligation/no pressure “Roadmap to your Awesome Call”, where we will identify where you want to go, what lights you up, and what is stopping you…then we create a simple plan to achieve your goal.

Remember, each component of the Awesome Life Success system works in harmony with the others. By embracing wellness, cultivating a positive environment, nurturing your spirit, staying organized, and shifting your money mindset, you create a powerful synergy that clears energy blocks and allows the flow of money to come into your life naturally. Make the journey of awareness and fun evident within each area of your life, infusing them with joy and positivity.

By following these solutions, you will enhance your overall well-being and create an energetic alignment that attracts financial abundance and freedom. Embrace the process, stay open to growth, and celebrate every step forward on your journey to an Awesome Life Success that is uniquely yours.

So to Recap:
Take Soul Aligned Action: Create a roadmap for your Awesome Life Success Journey. Set specific, measurable goals/intentions and break them down into actionable steps. Regularly review and adjust your action plan as needed. Consistency and perseverance are key.

Seek Support: Find a mentor, coach, or accountability partner who can guide and support you on your financial journey. Be it myself or someone else you resonate with. They can provide valuable insights, help you navigate challenges, and hold you accountable to your goals.

By embracing the Awesome Life Success system and addressing the invisible blocks of “Lack Energy,” “Self-Doubt,” and “Self-Worth,” we can break free from the cycle of stress, drama, and anxiety around money. Through awareness, holistic wellness, a supportive environment, a nourished spirit, organization, a positive relationship with money, and a commitment to enjoyment and fun, we can attract financial freedom into our lives. It’s time to unleash the abundance that awaits us and step into a life of unlimited possibilities.

Remember, the journey to financial freedom is unique to each individual. Embrace these tangible solutions, and with dedication, perseverance, and a belief in your own worthiness, you will transform your life in all areas you would like to and manifest the financial freedom you desire.

Warm Hugs, and Be Awesome!


Mindset for Less Stress, and More Client Closing

Mindset for Less Stress, and More Client Closing

Mindset for Less Stress More Closing for Online Coaches

Has this ever happened to you?

As soon as a potential client shows an interest, you find yourself feeling under enormous pressure to appear the “expert”, but there is that little voice that says “You are an Imposter!”
A sense of desperation is also showing up, because you have to get a paying client!
So you end up negotiating, almost begging them to hire you, or end up negotiating a ridiculous low price, and feeling angry with yourself!

We’ve all been there. A potential new client is very interested. You have your high end program ready to go.

You begin to imagine what bills you can pay, what trips you can take, and what fun you will have after you’ve made the sale. The extra cash will sure go a long way. The sale is proof to you, you are good enough, and all those people who doubted you? Well you can show them now! Right? Maybe your spouse/partner will respect you a bit more, and look at you in a new way?
Then your client seems to shift in the conversation and pull back a bit…and then:

  1. l) Nothing at all. And you can’t figure out why.
    2) You end up compromising on things and offering a lot more of your time and effort, for a lot lower. Investment and they become an energy vampire client…you know, that is someone one that feeds on your energy, and never seem to do the work, or get results.

Why does this happen?

Here are three common reasons, along with strategies for avoiding each.

You Subconsciously have yourself in the Money Mindset of “Lack”.

We’ll work harder and spend more money to keep from losing something we have than to get it in the first place. The idea of losing something scares us. We shift into a “Lack Mentality”, that is “Self-doubt”, and “Lack”. And when worried or scared, we don’t think clearly, and that energy shows up big time in our conversations, and interactions with potential clients.
When you believe you future spend, you are closed the sale before the money is actually in your account, and this sale becomes something you own — and are now afraid to lose. The desperation and doubt shows sows up in your conversation, so you may act a little desperate to keep it, and your potential client goes running away.

  • You actually think you can convince the customer.

As long as you think that selling is convincing someone to buy, you’re going to be stressed.
So yes, selling is about having a positive impact on someone through your program and service, often in excess of the money they pay you.
The Mindset shift here is, understanding that you are the solution to your “Perfect” clients problem. When you speak to your ideal clients, in their language, they Love You!
When you really, really get this, your sales conversations are focused on developing a deep understanding of the person you’re talking to, and what their needs are.

Before anything else, you genuinely want to know: Is this person a good fit? Only when it’s clear to both feel the fit is right, do you talk about your products and services. lf you ever find yourself trying to convince someone, immediately step back and breath and refocus. Focus instead on having a genuine Impact on their life and/or business, and the sale will happen on its own. Almost like magic.

You tell yourself you need this sale.
The “Lack Mindset” will do you in almost every time ☹

Ok, Let’s get Real!!!
Hooey. You don’t need this client. There’s always another opportunity to make money with your gifts!
When you hang onto this “lack mindset, thinking you need this sale, you end up giving away what you really need and accepting instead what you don’t want. You made the sale, but you’re miserable. It’s winning the battle, but losing the war. You are not integrity with your values. It is important to be living your top 3 values, if not, then walk away. This is not someone you are meant to have an Impact on. Be flexible on WANTS, but firm with your VALUES.

The AWESOME Clarity Mindset.
Focus on doing the small number of things that give you big results. When you are crystal clear as to what you want from a client, you can quickly walk away from the wrong energy sucking client, because it’s clearly not a match. No point in pretending otherwise. (Reality once again.)

As I see it, mindset for success means educating and embracing your mind to think in line with Reality, with Possibility, and Clarity.

Awesome Life Success is about letting go of the “People Pleasing” and “Self Doubt” so you can have More Focus, Fun, Financial Freedom, in your Online Coaching Business. With the Clarity and Support to enjoy your Lifestyle Business on your terms.

Make the Decision and Take the Action to have an AWESOME Life It’s that simple — and that difficult.

Which is why some of the best evolved online consultants, coaches and healers come to us to help them create a consistent flow of Positive Mindset for Focus, Fun and Financial Freedom.
Because it’s simple — but difficult. And you’ll get there faster with a bit of help.
Let’s have a no obligation, no pressure conversation, to see how simple it can be…