Release, Recharge, Refocus Retreat
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Find Yourself Again and Jumpstart 2019 with Clarity

November 9-12, 2018 Kennebunk, Maine

This is a must for Professional Women who are Burned out, Overwhelmed, and Want to Discover More Time and Energy, and Enjoy Life.

Have you ever said:

“I feel lost…I just want to find myself”

“I’m afraid that I am turning into my Mother/Father/Brother/Sister”

“I’m so tired all the time, I can’t even think about doing something for me”

“I just don’t have Time for ME”

Are you worried about your future and feeling confused?

Are you burned out and overwhelmed and is your brain muddled?

Do you feel overwhelmed with ideas about what you could or should and shouldn’t be doing,
but you don’t even have the energy, and the tech stuff just makes your head hurt?

And then there is the small matter of actually living your life!

Karen Stultz, Certified Integrative Wellness, Transformational Happiness Coach and EFT Practitioner is Your Guide to Discovery of Purpose and Happiness.


Attend this exclusive women ONLY retreat to Create Your Unique Path and Jumpstart your 2019!


Feeling stuck is yucky. I get it. So let’s get you unstuck.


Dear Friend,

This retreat was created to help you let go and rediscover the successful awesomeness you’ve always been, with less stress and more peace and clarity.

It is time to STOP missing out because, lack of energy, lack of time, or the future seems unclear and feel more alive, more joyful and connected to your true life purpose!

It is time to STOP missing out on living a life of happiness, AND having a future that feels great! 

This is not your typical retreat. It’s not just about “learning how to”, it’s about starting your transformation from the moment you walk in the doors. It’s a retreat designed to discover, refocus and recharge your whole being, so you can step forward with a new awareness and awesomeness. It’s a retreat where you will start to release the invisible blocks that keep you from living with confidence and clarity.

It is time to heal those deeper parts of you that keep the REAL YOU from shining!

Experience cutting edge personal development and a deep dive into the core of what is blocking you. Discover ways to release the blocks. Leave this weekend feeling alive, confident and energized in moving forward.

By the end of this weekend that you’ll share with a small intimate group of likeminded woumen, you’ll…

  • Know your individual and unique purpose…
  • Dissolve some of the major stumbling blocks that keep you from living that purpose…
  • Create a vision board to help you manifest things faster…
  • Increase your Energy Levels,,,
  • Design a plan of action to keep you moving forward
  • Share lots of fun and laughter…

 So you can leave on Monday…

  • With a new lease on life!
  • Clear on your purpose and direction!
  • With the action steps to catapult you forward to your vision!
  • Recharged and refocused with more confidence and clarity!
  • Energized!
  • Time abundant!

What People Have to Say about working with Karen

Karen Stultz has been a great prosperity mentor and coach.  But her abilities have flowed over into many other areas that have had a positive effect on the success of my business and my personal life.   When you look beyond the immediate situation and focus on the outcome, and follow Karen’s advice, you are sure to meet up with the success that you deserve.  I know that I have.  My life has unfolded to match the vision I designed.  Yours can too.  Just have faith, take action and allow.

Kim Letendre

KAZworks - San Diego, CA

Karen’s Programs are a joy!  She warmly engages her audience into a space that involves powerful conversations for Prosperity and Abundance.  And participants are given excellent tools to use daily in the creation of prosperity.  Karen makes a difference in business’ and lives, and I am happy to include her as a member of  my prestigious “Marie Team” of colleagues and advisors.

Marie Fratoni

CEO Marie Fratoni International, Atlanta Georgia

Karen is very well structured, offers great value, and has an exceptional level of integrity. She truly cares for her clients. Her warm personality and professional work style make her a great coach.

Regina Huber

CEO Transform Your Performance, New York, NY

Karen offered “The Gift of Vision-The Super Simple Way to Start Manifesting Prosperity Today” teleclass including handouts. I’ve attended many classes about creating a Vision Board and Karen’s was the most comprehensive and enjoyable one. Karen is a true leader and gifted trainer!

Nanci Biddle

Life Coach, Las Vegas NV

Is this for you?

This is for you if you…

– Feel like you are floundering in a sea of fog, you don’t have a plan, continually get distracted, and if you just knew what you needed to do, you’d be successful.

– Love to Feel at Peace, with anger and frustration not a major part of your life anymore .

– Know that if you could get away without distraction and get sleep and more energy, it would make all the difference for you.

– Love to Receive honest feedback, get challenged on your thinking and mindset, and move past your own stories that are holding you back from Living BIG.

– Want to take back your life, with a new clarity and awareness.

– And are tired of spending tons of money with no ROI, and you want more prosperity and freedom to enjoy.

Karen will lead, guide and inspire you to move forward so that you can  be the “Architect of Your Life” and enjoy your vision with at least 3 authentic and actionable steps, for your unique self.


Here is what you can expect on our weekend together…

  • A cocktail welcome
  • 2 lunches and snacks
  • Deep inner work to help you get clear and refocused
  • Time to create your own vision board and a plan of action
  • Hot seat coaching
  • Energy Clearing
  • Relaxing activities, such as essential oils, meditations, etc
  • Time just for you
  • And So Much More…



The retreat is being held at the gorgeous “Beach House Inn”,  211 Beach Avenue, Kennebunk Maine 04043

“Maybe it’s the crisp sea breezes and salt air, the captivating ocean views or the quaint Victorian charm of a beautifully restored bed and breakfast built in 1891, but time just seems to slow down here. 

With the waves lapping at the shore just outside, the hotel has been designed to provide a tranquil, seaside retreat”

 More on the Amazing Beach House Inn HERE

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this worth my investment?

I know that being away from home, paying for personal development, hotel and dinner, can seem overwhelming and out of budget, but here’s the thing…

How long have you been holding yourself back?

How long have you been going it alone?
How long have you been feeling unclear?
How long have you been feeling confused and even a bit afraid? 

This is an investment in yourself.

If you apply and implement what you learn and experience, you can’t fail to have more energy, time and freedom!

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you show you have followed the instructions, participated fully in the retreat, and taken the custom made action steps, and you do not have any shifts, we’ll give you a full refund, minus $60 for administrative and processing fees.

I encourage you to contact me before committing to this investment in yourself, if you have any questions.

I'm super busy doing x, y, z... Why should I make the time?

If you are feeling “Stuck” and keep asking yourself, “Why?”

If you wish things were easier, and they just seem to be getting harder…

it is a must for you to join us.

Just being in a different setting can make all the difference for you, to upscale your wellbeing.

As Einstein said:” the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

From this place, you get a new perspective, you regroup and re-energize.

You can find inspiration.

Then you put inspiration into action. You bring that thing you love to fruition.

I have other coaches and programs. Why should I listen to Karen?

Karen offers her unique intuitive ability to see those inner game blocks, helping people see and overcome them, and then helping her clients move with Clarity and Confidence  towards goals. Using Energy Technique’s, guided imagery, loving accountability, and the wisdom of life and spirit, it’s a great combination for success.

I have other plans...

We get it: scheduling conflicts are bound to happen. But currently we only do this once every 2 years.

Do you really want to wait until 2020 to get your life moving more easily? With more Peace and Freedom?

I strongly urge you to move things around if possible and join us.

PS. Your going to have fun making unforgettable memories with your new girlfriends!


Space is VERY LIMITED, so if this resonates with you at all, contact me today so we can discover if this is a good match for you.

Program Investment: $497

14 + 13 =