Karen, You have  given me the most wonderful  gift “tapping“. 

I know that I have tried tapping before but I guess this time it was the right thing at just the right time for a profound difference.

Last year had a rough end (first Christmas since Mom died, many business related—not pleasant– things that had to be done by year end) and this year had a rough start (Jan 1 in the ER perhaps a reaction to my flu shot).

Suffice it to say that for about 3 weeks I was not a happy camper and not feeling well at all. Last week I started the tapping and it has truly made a difference. This week is the first week that I feel really good….and looking back now I can see just how out-of-control lousy I felt.

So, thank you!! I truly appreciate your generous (and well timed) gift.

Judy Toth, M.S., CPEC, PCC

Personal and Executive Coach

Karen Stultz has been a great prosperity mentor and coach.  But her abilities have flowed over into many other areas that have had a positive effect on the success of my business and my personal life.   When you look beyond the immediate situation and focus on the outcome, and follow Karen’s advice, you are sure to meet up with the success that you deserve.  I know that I have.  My life has unfolded to match the vision I designed.  Yours can too.  Just have faith, take action and allow.

Kim Letendre

San Diego CA

I’m grateful to Karen’s expertise as a small business coach.  A few suggestions from her greatly helped me refine my process of gathering testimonials for a service I offer.  She’s quick, effective and a delight to work with

Erika Harris

Chicago, IL

Karen Has a way about her, she truly listens and her groups are awesome!  It’s always so great to hear from other people and realize we can share in the similar challenges we face. I had a challenge sharing my gifts, and Karen gave me tools, so I easily and happily, I’ve been practicing standing in my power each day—by power-posing and visualizing—and asking for what I need in all areas of my life. I’ve also been keeping a Gratitude Journal for several years now, so I increase my daily acknowledgements from five to ten a day. Fun!

BTW, I love the True Refuge handout you sent for addressing fear. It’s exceedingly helpful to me.

Jean Grigsby