Hi, I'm Karen Stultz

And these are some of the same issues I have helped my clients successfully overcome so they could go from feeling Stuck to being Free, and from working Hard to Fun and Accomplishment. So they can live with authenticity and on purpose.

It’s time for you to experience your true joy and prosperity, so you can have more energy and freedom. Live your life on purpose on your terms. Know you’re making a difference. Feel safe being your unique, authentic, brilliant self.

The Conscious Transformational Coaching and Integrative Wellness Coaching, I offer, includes ancient teachings and modern science, intuition and energy work along with strategy, logic and magic, mindset and skillset.

Together you are able to break through old beliefs, habits and limitations so that you can have less stress more joy, less overwhelm more energy, less lack more prosperity and less of feeling trapped more enjoying real freedom in your life!


“Karen has shown me how simple it can be. I have released the need to struggle. My life is a “no- struggle zone” and my heart is happy. Karen is brilliant and working with her is powerful beyond belief”.

E. Lapham

State Employee

“I’m grateful to Karen’s expertise as a small business coach.  A few suggestions from her greatly helped me refine my process of gathering testimonials for a service I offer.  She’s quick, effective and a delight to work with”.

Erica James

Grant Writer

“Karen Stultz has been a great prosperity mentor and coach.  But her abilities have flowed over into many other areas that have had a positive effect on the success of my business and my personal life”.  

K. Josephs

Transformation Coach

If you are committed to energy, transformation and living a life on purpose with joy…

If you are willing to take 100% responsibility for your reality and your results. And ready to say “Today is the day…I am ready and willing to do the simple work that can change my life to having more Joy, More Energy, More Money and More Freedom.”

If you find this possibility exhilarating and inspiring and you are ALL in. 

If you have allowed outside influences to take over your life, and know, inside, that there is more. If you have been noticing things showing up that may be stopping you in your tracks, IE pain, fear, anxiety.

If you find yourself, playing small and feeling like an impostor for way too long. It’s time to stop!

 The world needs your full in insight and gifts. 

Let me ask you a question…

Are you serious about making simple yet life-changing steps for changing your life – one belief at a time – so that you can be your most healthy, authentic, prosperous, confident, creative, living on purpose self. 

Are you ready to release your own level of suffering and struggle in order to experience the level of freedom, fulfillment and prosperity you deserve?

If so, your next step is to click on the button below to schedule a complimentary “Let Go and Start Living Session” (Value $197)